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Your bookkeeping is the foundation of your accounting and your wider tax requirements. That’s why it’s important to get this right.

Why should I outsource my bookkeeping?

There are several reasons why you should consider trusting an experienced accounts specialist to manage your books. Firstly, outsourcing can bring your business significant financial savings, by reducing your tax liability. Secondly, it will free up your time by removing the administrative burden of bookkeeping. Thirdly, with more rigorous and accurate processes in place, you will enjoy greater peace of mind.Crucially, outsourcing your bookkeeping will let you focus on your business – and on doing what you do best.

Why choose us?

Pollock Accounting brings the necessary experience and knowledge to manage every aspect of your bookkeeping. Whether you are a small business generating just a few invoices and expenses per month, or a larger, complex organisation with thousands of monthly transactions – we bring the expertise you need.


Financial planning & analysis

Planning for the future of your business is paramount. With Pollock Accounting, you can access the analysis skills you need to make sure that you are ready for whatever tomorrow holds. By understanding your objectives, we will create the business plans, budgets and forecasts that fully meet your requirements.

Tailored, affordable services

Outsource your bookkeeping to Pollock Accounting, and you will receive a professional, accurate and reliable service – without the weighty cost of an accounts department. It’s better for business, and it’s better for you.

"As a small charity, taking on Pollock Accounting to deal with our books and accounts was one of the best business decisions we made in 2010. We can rely on Pollock Accounting to do salaries, monthly management and our annual report and accounts in a timely and competent manner.

We can also rely on David to give us a friendly and helpful service and give good advice in relation to many other queries that arise. I would recommend Pollock Accounting to any individual or organisation that needs a reliable and helpful accounting service."


NB Alliance (Charity)

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